Bird Conservation

Date:08 Nov, 2014

Bird Conservation

In a perfect world there is no need to conserve. Our cravings are met, our families prosperous and happy. The world supports us without limits.

We do not live in a perfect world. Our planet has borders, edges, a finite capacity. Space for one group is space swiped from another. There are no voids in the world.

What space could be more limited, more squeezed, than an island? Island species often require conditions that are unique to a minuscule spot on the map, their existence hanging on a tiny scrap of land and habitat afloat in an otherwise unwelcoming sea. The Hawaiian honeycreepers and Darwin’s finches are textbook examples of birds that arose in singular conditions, and are now at risk as conditions change.

Of the roughly 600 bird species that live in the Caribbean, an astonishing 160 are endemic. They live nowhere else; they are irrevocably tethered to the Caribbean. Zapata rail, bay-breasted cuckoo, imperial parrot, Barbuda warbler, red-billed streamertail, Jamaican tody, and West Indies whistling-duck are but a few of these Caribbean endemics, each one unique, each one vulnerable.

If you do not create your destiny, you will have your fate inflicted upon you…William Irwin Thompson

BirdsCaribbean aids Caribbean nations and organizations in the conservation of these birds and their habitats. The Caribbean Birding Trail is but one of the ways we are showing residents and visitors the impacts of taking more than we save, consuming more than nature can produce. Your joining the Caribbean Birding Trail community aids us in getting this important message out. In this flawed world, only with a concerted, sustained conservation commitment will destiny escape an unhappy fate .


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