Interpretive Guide Training

Date:17 Nov, 2014

Interpretive Guide Training

Globally, the tourism market for birdwatching and photography is growing. Also on the rise is the desire for independent and responsible travel; increasingly individuals are preferring to go “off the beaten path” and seek out authentic and transformative experiences that give back to communities.

The CBT seeks to attract these markets to the Caribbean and encourage them to explore what is beyond the beach. Integral to this is having well-trained guides on every island that can help connect these travelers with the cultural and natural resources of the island, including birds.

Overview of Program

The CBT is partnering with operators and guides throughout the region to organize one of the most comprehensive guide training and certification programs in the region.

Participants not only learn to identify the local bird species and their connection to the environment, but also how to effectively communicate information to audiences in a meaningful and enjoyable way.

The course is facilitated by Certified Interpretive Trainers through the National Association of Interpretation of the U.S.


Objectives of the training

  • Increase participant knowledge about bird ecology and skills in bird identification
  • Provide information on birdwatching market and how to develop tours
  • Teach basic principles of environmental interpretation and its application to ecotourism and conservation
  • Discuss the Caribbean Birding Trail and how it can support local communities and contribute to sustainable tourism development.

The CBT Interpretive Guide Training was recently launched in Grenada. Click here to read more about it. The program will be made available in additional countries as the project continues to develop. If you are interested in participating in a training or in helping to support the program financially please contact us at

Click on the following link to download an information sheet on the CBT Interpretive Guide Training program. CBT Interpretive Guide Training Program.




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