…And The Party Never Ends

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…And The Party Never Ends

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Gray Kingbird, Lucaya National Park by TLE

Actually, the party ends tomorrow night. Yet for the next two days the SCSCB conference rushes on, and there is still time for you to drop into Grand Bahama and join in the fun.

Yesterday conference attendees spent the day in the field birding, kayaking, and getting a strong dose of the Bahamian landscape and culture. Several of us kayaked in Lucaya National Park, wending our way through mangrove thickets and across tea-stained shallows. Cuban emeralds, gray kingbirds, and red-legged thrushes accompanied us on our toasty journey.

This afternoon Holly and I will host a workshop on the Caribbean Birding Trail. Our hope is to come a way with a shared vision for the trail, a basic understanding of the opportunities and challenges in each country, and a roadmap for how the trail will be created over the next couple of years. We will be posting the Powerpoint and notes from the session, so if you are unable to attend the workshop itself the results of the meeting will still be available.

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