AOU Elevates Bahama Warbler

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AOU Elevates Bahama Warbler

Bahama Warbler by Bruce Hallett

The Bahama Warbler (Dendroica flavescens), a Bahamian endemic, is now recognized as a distinct species from Yellow-throated Warbler, which will retain the name Dendroica dominica. The American Ornithologists Union (AOU) decided that the most recent information about the bird warranted species status. Here is a link to the paper in The Auk that summarizes the most recent findings. A number of participants in the SCSCN Bahamas conference saw and photographed this beautiful warbler on Abaco.

Bahama Warbler by Tony Hepburn

Bahama Warbler by Bruce Hallett

Bahama Warbler by Rob Norton


Warbler Wonk

August 8, 2011at 1:15 pm

The bird in the photo is not a Bahama Warbler. It’s a normal Yellow-throated Warbler


    August 9, 2011at 6:33 pm

    Thanks for the catch. We will find the appropriate image and replace this one.


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