Birding Hotspots in Dominican Republic

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Birding Hotspots in Dominican Republic

Every quarter Caribbean airline Liat puts out a complimentary magazine highlighting things to do and see in the Caribbean. Each issue contains a feature called “Caribbean Birdwatch,” a section where SCSCB partners can contribute recent bird news from the region. Click here to access the most recent electronic issue of Zing.

The most recent issue focuses on the Dominican Republic and includes a special section on the Caribbean Birding Trail and the top three birdwatching hotspots in the D.R.

Number 1 is the National Botanical Garden in northern Santo Domingo. The garden is a great place to first encounter the country’s common birds. The Vervain Hummingbird, Broad-billed Tody, Bananaquit, and Black-crowned Palm-Tanager are also possible sightings here. This is also an excellent site for seeing the reclusive Limpkin, and the threatened West-Indian Whistling Duck and Hispaniolan Parakeet.

Number 2 is Salinas de Bani, located on a peninsula 60 km west of Santo Domingo. Large ponds producing salt attract birds such as egrets and herons as well as flamingos and clapper rails. Shorebirds are plentiful in the mudflats and salt pans. Many warblers frequent the mangroves and thickets along the lagoons, while the bay hosts boobies, pelicans, and other seabirds.

Number 3 is the north slope of the Sierra de Bahoruco, where all but two of the endemics can be found. In the dry and transitional forests look for the rare Bay-breasted Cuckoo, Flat-billed Vireo, Hispaniolan Parrot, and Least Pauraque. The cloud forest is home to high-elevation endemics such as the Scaly-naped Pigeon, White-fronted Quail-Dove, Hispaniolan Emerald, Hispaniolan Trogon and Narrow-billed Tody.

All three of these sites will eventually be listed on this website in more detail, so keep checking back as we develop the Caribbean Birding Trail website!

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Caribbean Birdwatch

Catch up on past issues of Caribbean Birdwatch, a feature in Liat's Zing magazine that highlights the region's birding hotspots.


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