Breakfast with the Birds

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Breakfast with the Birds

John Webster, host of Breakfast with the Birds

John Webster, host of Breakfast with the Birds

It is always exciting when birds get a feature highlight in mainstream media. That is exaclty what happens routinely on local news network, CBC TV8, in Barbados. Its morning program “Mornin’ Barbados,” provides a regular time slot to local birder John Webster to talk about topics related to birds. The segment, called Breakfast with the Birds, will air next on Friday, October 18 between 6:00 and 7:00 am (Barbados time).

Tomorrow John will continue the discussion on “Bird Migration & The Caribbean.” Bird Migration is one of the most amazing phenomena in the animal kingdom and the Caribbean sits right in the centre of this annual activity, as the migrating birds move from North America to South America during the Fall Migration. In this episode we will examine the phenomenon and the methods that scientists have utilized to better understand Bird Migration. The segment will conclude with a look at the Eskimo Curlew and its extinction, as he highlights the need for conservation.

Persons outside of Barbados may still view the show live via Live Streaming over the internet at Viewers around the world are following the show live on CBC TV8’s Live Stream so you can too!

You can also take a look at the Facebook page of Mornin’Barbados now has its own Facebook page on which you can leave your comments and suggestions as well.



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