Caribbean Endemic Bird Species

The Caribbean Islands Hotspot supports a wealth of biodiversity within its diverse ecosystems. Through both their origins and their isolation from the mainland, the islands have given rise to an astonishing number of endemic species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, plants and birds. Of the 564 Caribbean bird species, 148 (26%) are endemic–they exist nowhere else in the world.

These unique birds (as well as plants and animals) serve as icons for the singularity of the Caribbean.

BirdLife International recognizes six primary and two secondary Endemic Bird Areas within the Caribbean Hotspot, a testament to the diversity and island-specific endemism in this region. Although endemism is most notable at the species level, a remarkable 36 genera of birds are endemic to the hotspot, as well as two endemic families.

Jeff Gerbracht with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Denis Lepage of Avibase have graciously compiled a spreadsheet of the endemic bird species of the Caribbean. Remember; for the purposes of the SCSCB and the CBT, the Caribbean includes the West Indies plus Bermuda, Trinidad & Tobago, Aruba, and the Netherlands Antilles. To access the fully formatted spreadsheet, click here.


Catherine Levy

July 8, 2011at 12:32 pm

I am surprised to see Starnoenas cyanocephala Blue-headed Quail-Dove listed for Jamaica – even as “i”. As far as I know the reference to this species is made by P.H. Gosse (1844-46 in Jamaica), not living in the wild. Therefore if it is included, all caged birds should be, or else exclude it.

Why can’t the list be downloaded so that it can be seen as a whole?


    July 8, 2011at 1:24 pm

    Catherine, good idea. Here is a link to the file itself.


      Brian Daly

      April 5, 2013at 3:52 pm

      Hi Ted,
      Any chance of getting that link that you posted up and running so the list can be downloaded and seen as a whole? Please advise.

Ricardo Miller

July 11, 2011at 10:05 am

Following up on Catherine’s comment, I believe the Pearly-eyed Thrasher listed as rare for Jamaica requires review as well. There surely is no population in Jamaica or any recent observations. I will enquire as to if or when that record was made.

Beatriz Conde

March 2, 2012at 8:28 am

I have some remarks to make about the birds of Martinique.
Cordially Beatriz Conde
Euphonia musica ( P)
Dendroica delicata( we dont have in Martinique)
Cinclocerthia ruficauda( r)
Ramphocinclus brachyurus( e)
Eulampis jugularis( P)
Eulampis holosericeus(P)

Michiel Boeken

May 23, 2014at 3:54 pm

For Saba, Eulampis jugularis is not r but p

eBird Caribbean Rarities


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