Trained local guides are essential to getting the most out of your travel experience, which is why the Caribbean Birding Trail is partnering with operators and guides throughout the region to organize one of the most comprehensive guide training and certification programs in the region.

This page is dedicated to listing the guides that have completed the CBT guide training program or have obtained training and certification through other programs and are trusted partners of the Caribbean Birding Trail.

This page is a work in progress and we welcome your comments, concerns and questions at all times about guides in the Caribbean. Please contact us at any time. We are particularly interested in:

  • if you have feedback (negative or positive) about any of the guides or companies listed here
  • if you know of a guide or a company that should be shared on this list, and/or
  • if you or someone you know is interested in taking the CBT guide training program.

Caribbean Birding Trail Certified Guides


Below are the guides that have completed the CBT Interpretive Guide Training program in June 2013. While many of them are experienced nature and culture guides, they are still working to develop their bird ID skills and several go out regularly to practice.

If you are a novice birder yourself, then these guides can most definitely introduce you to Grenada’s unique birds, help you find the specialty birds, and tell you fun and interesting stories about the island along the way.

If you are looking for a more bird-focused itinerary with an experienced bird guide, then your man is Anthony Jeremiah. Mr. Jeremiah is a Wildlife Conservation Officer with the Grenada Forestry and National Parks Department and is extremely knowledgeable of the island’s birds and where to find them. Mr. Jeremiah is available to take you birding and can be contacted by [wpml_mailto email=””]emailing him.[/wpml_mailto]

Anne Campbell, Anthony Vincent, Denny John, Michael Bowen of Caribbean Horizons Tours and McIntyre Brothers Transportation
Vaughan Francis of Tropical Adventures
Ian Blaikie and Christopher of Sunsation Tours
Chris Alleyne, Independent Guide. Emali Chris:
Jamie Barrett of Conservation Kayak
Barb Malone and Kate Rooney of Ocean Spirits
Albert Christopher at Grenada Seafaris Powerboat Tours
Feridee Glaude, Terrance Louison, and Ralph Alexander at St. James Travel and Tours
Krisma Moore of Island Routes, Sandals LaSource
Christopher “Mac” McDonald of Mac’s Tours and Taxis. Email Mac:
Leon Charles and Cuthbert Blackett of St. George’s University
Michael Lewis, Independent Guide. Email Michael:
Delon Raymond, Independent Guide on Carriacou Island. Email Delon:
Doland Francis and Antonette Dragon of the Grenada Forestry and National Parks Department
Glaston Fletcher of the Grenada Scouts Association

Trusted Tour Companies Around the Caribbean


Bahamas Outdoors Unlimited
Grand Bahama Nature Tours


Ernesto Reyes Photography and Tours


Arrowhead Birding Tours
Cockpit Country Adventure Tours
Cockpit Country Experience
Jamaica Tour Society

Puerto Rico

Birding Puerto Rico
Gabriel Lugo



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October 6, 2013at 11:22 am

Are there any private guides working in the Dominican Republic? Thanks…g

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