Hope Arrives on St. Croix

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Hope Arrives on St. Croix

 On September 2, Carol Cramer-Burke and Lisa Yntema were conducting a count for the Caribbean Waterbird Census (CWC) at Great Pond when they saw Hope the Whimbrel for the first time this season. She appeared and sounded healthy and robust.

Carol and Lisa counted hundreds of birds at Great Pond, many were actively feeding, migratory waterbirds. Some will head further south while others, like Hope, will remain for the winter. Avian diversity was also good, with 37 different bird species that morning. Three teams did CWC counts at 5 of the major mangrove wetlands, 2 fresh water ponds, and 1 bay.

Bryan Watts posted an article about this amazing bird, from whom we have learned so much about migration.

Thanks, Lisa and Carol, for your fantastic work in St. Croix and for sharing this exciting news with us!

We hope many of you are carrying out CWC counts this fall – there is still so much to learn about waterbird and shorebird migration.

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