Priorities Defined for Caribbean Birding Trail

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Priorities Defined for Caribbean Birding Trail

At least 40 SCSCB attendees participated in the Caribbean Birding Trail (CBT) workshop in Freeport, Bahamas on July 24. The group spent the entire afternoon working through the details of how the CBT will move forward to implementation. Part of this process included developing a list of priorities for six general areas of interest.

From those lists, the participants were then asked to rate their top three priorities in each general area, noted below in bold font. The votes have been tallied, and the top three priorities identified in each category are as follows:


  1. Baseline assessment of existing infrastructure
  2. Financing
  3. Planning and design

Communications & Marketing

  1. Building capacity through workshops
  2. Tied for second: Marketability on both international and national levels; and Involvement of government
  3. Involvement of fully committed people

Economics & Sustainability

  1. Trail and site management
  2. Policy or legal structure in place to ensure that entrance fees and other monies are going back into conservation and management of sites
  3. Tied for third: Consistent visitation; and micro-lending programs

Recreational Programming

  1. Materials that are easy to update and replace
  2. Baseline assessment of available opportunities
  3. Best practices training

Engagement & Education

  1. Tied for first: Train local guides; and Create educational programs that include local communities
  2. Educate policy makers (bring them into the field if possible)
  3. Determine how locals will benefit

Environment & Restoration

  1. Monitoring and environmental impact assessments
  2. Security and patrolling of sites
  3. Tied for third: Planting native species; and Recycling

Having these top priorities identified by the partners provides a clear direction in which to head for successful implementation of this ambitious project.

The workshop concluded with a presentation on the types of tools available for making the CBT a reality. One of which is this highly interactive website where organizations and agencies can become official partners as well as nominate sites, which we encourage you to do today!

Become a partner of the Caribbean Birding Trail

Nominate a site to the Caribbean Birding Trail

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