Recent Edition of Caribbean Birdwatch

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Recent Edition of Caribbean Birdwatch

Every quarter Caribbean airline Liat puts out a complimentary magazine highlighting things to do and see in the Caribbean. Each issue contains a feature called “Caribbean Birdwatch,” a section where SCSCB partners can contribute recent bird news from the region. Click here to access the most recent electronic issue of Zing.

What is most exciting for us is that the Caribbean Birdwatch page now regularly features a segment on the Caribbean Birding Trail, with each edition focusing on the top three birding spots in a country. Last edition the focus was on the Dominican Republic, and currently it is on Trinidad & Tobago.

Below are the top three sites chosen by the contributors to the magazine. If you disagree or would like to see more information provided on our website about these sites, please contact us or nominate a site!

Number 1 is the Caroni Swamp – 6,000 ha of mangrove and herbaceous marsh, home to over 186 species of birds.

Number 2 is Nariva Swamp, the largest freshwater swamp in Trinidad covering almost 7000 ha on the east coast of the island. Over 175 species of birds have been recorded in this mysterious swamp including orange-winged parrots, red-bellied macaws, tyrants, kingfishers and local and migratory species of herons and ducks.

Number 3 is the Asa Wright Nature Centre, located in the mountains of the northern range of Trinidad. Here you will see many Trinidadian specialties, like the only nocturnal fruit-eating bird in the world, the oilbird.

All three of these sites will eventually be listed on this website in more detail, so keep checking back and please also make your contributions about places to go for birding in the Caribbean, to help us develop the Caribbean Birding Trail website!

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Caribbean Birdwatch

Catch up on past issues of Caribbean Birdwatch, a feature in Liat's Zing magazine that highlights the region's birding hotspots.


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