Shorebird Migration is Upon Us!

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Shorebird Migration is Upon Us!

red knots_euabks

Two Red Knots, exhibiting the art of molting while migrating. By Ted Eubanks.

It’s that time of year again. When things get real interesting (or real confusing, depending on how good of a birder you are) at your local pond or wetland. This is because thousands of shorebirds are making their way south from their summer breeding grounds to their overwintering spots in the Caribbean or points further south in the Americas.

It’s an exciting time to see new species of birds, as some will only stop for but a short period of time to feed and rest before continuing on to its final destination. Caribbean Birding Trail project partner Ted Eubanks has been enjoying the fall migration in his native state of Texas in the U.S. He has been snapping dozens of pictures and posting them on Facebook as well as in a Shorebird gallery here on the CBT website. Take a look and use his useful captions and comments to help you hone your skills on identifying this notoriously difficult-to-identify group of birds known as shorebirds!

Juvenile Short billed Dowitcher, by Ted Eubanks

Juvenile Short billed Dowitcher, by Ted Eubanks

Western Sandpiper, by Ted Eubanks

Western Sandpiper, by Ted Eubanks










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Lisa Sorenson

August 20, 2013at 3:35 pm

Shorebird migration is indeed an exciting time in the Caribbean. Be sure to enter your observations in eBird Caribbean ( and add to our knowledge of shorebird migration and what sites are most important.

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