Road Bay Pond

Road Bay Pond is significant in that it is home to a wide variety of shorebirds, egrets, herons and land birds. They appear to live in harmony and compliment each other even sharing their shores with goats and chickens. This 98 acre pond was once a center for salt production on the island. Now it is the breeding ground for Spotted Sandpipers, Semipalmated Plovers, Wilson’s Plover’s, Willets and Black-necked Stilts. Many migratory birds stop to rest on Road Bay Pond during the spring and fall as well.

A walk or drive along the shores of the pond provides amazing views of all types of birds as they feed in the muddy edge and grassy areas. The more protected eastern part of the pond with its native mangrove allows views of roosting Egrets and Herons as well as the long legged waders that congregate in large groups.

During the spring and fall migration large groups of Lesser Yellowlegs and Semipalmated sandpipers congregate on this pond in large numbers. The fall migration sometimes brings Hudsonian Godwits to the shore of the pond.

Blue-winged Teals spend the winter months on Anguilla and Road Bay Pond is a great place to see them. They often mingle with resident White-cheeked Pintails toward the back of the pond under the mangroves. White-cheeked Pintails can be seen all around the pond and you may also see groups of young chicks in the grasses or floating in formation with an adult.

Beginning in March you will see Black-necked Stilts breeding on Road Bay Pond. Nests are constructed from small pebbles and sticks collected by both parents. Look on the rock formations for the adults sitting on the nest. When a nest is threatened, parents become very vocal and may fly overhead. One parent may also pretend to have a broken wing in an attempt to lure predators away. Take precautions not to disturb any nesting species.

A number of herons and egrets can be found on the pond throughout the year including Great Egrets. The first recorded nesting of a Great Egret was documented in January of 2012. The nest was located in the mangroves at the back of the pond and 3 chicks were hatched from that nest. During the same period, at least one Snowy Egret nest was found in the same tree. This was also the first record of this species nesting on Anguilla.

Road Bay Pond is a very accessible pond with a wide variety of species all year providing great birding experiences!


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