Dos Pos has become one of the most important birding areas on Bonaire because it is easily accessed from Kralendijk and travel along the north coast of Bonaire takes one through scenic geography, including coasts, cliffs, cactus forests, wetlands, dry forests.

Ramsar site on Salina Gotomeer (Photo by Jerry Ligon)

Ramsar site on Salina Gotomeer (Photo by Jerry Ligon)

Our iconic birds are almost assured of being seen, mainly Caribbean Flamingo and the Endangered Yellow-shouldered Parrot, but also our cheery little Bananaquit, many small finches, like bright yellow Saffron Finch, many Yellow Warblers, and during winter and migration in springtime and fall, many neotropical migrants. Our bird list is at 220, and like all bird lists on good islands in the Caribbean, is never static. The photographic opportunities are outstanding!

Ruby-topaz Hummingbird (Photo by Jim Platz)

Ruby-topaz Hummingbird (Photo by Jim Platz)


Easily accessible by rental car or by private tour, the highest recommended route is north along the coastal road, one-way, that eventually leads to the shore of Gotomeer, an inland Salina which is a flamingo sanctuary. It also is an IBA set up for the nesting of critical birds of global concern, including nesting sites for gulls and terns.

Pearly-eyed Thrasher (Photo by Jerry Ligon)

Pearly-eyed Thrasher (Photo by Jerry Ligon)

Additional Information

Because of human impacts throughout the globe, Bonaire has a very connected Marine Park organization that enforces the protection of our natural marine world. Also, active on Bonaire, and their links are the following organizations that might be of interest to visiting nature enthusiasts:

Stinapa National Parks Foundation:
Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire:
Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance:

Tourism Corporation of Bonaire:

White-tailed Nightjar (Photo by Sipke Stapert)

White-tailed Nightjar (Photo by Sipke Stapert)

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Through birds we connect you to the extraordinary places, diverse cultures and people of the Caribbean.

There are countless fascinating stories to be told through birds. Discover an island's bird life, and you will discover Caribbean heritage.

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