Basic Statistics

  • Trail difficulty: 1
  • Reserve hours: Park house 9:30–12:00, 2:00–5:00
  • Entrance fee: $RD 100

Site Description

Connected to the ocean by a narrow channel, Limón Lagoon is full of plants and weeds and is often full of waterfowl as well. Of particular significance is its population of Caribbean Coot; up to 6,000 coots have been recorded at the lagoon. But many other water birds use the lagoon including large numbers of Pied-billed Grebe, Blue-winged Teal, White-cheeked Pintail, and Ruddy Duck. In addition to water birds, this area can be rich in landbirds, especially during migration. Large concentrations of migratory warblers, in particular, have been recorded here. Resident species also should be looked for, especially grassland and scrub-inhabiting species.


From Santo Domingo take the main coastal highway east to the ring road that goes to the north of San Pedro de Macorís, then cross a new highway bridge. A few kilometers further on, take the left turn toward Hato Mayor. After approximately 80 km (49.7 miles), as you enter Hato Mayor, there is a T-intersection. Turn right toward El Seibo. Some 26 km (16.1 miles) later you will arrive in El Seibo where you will turn left towards Pedro Sánchez and Miches, 45 km (28.0 miles) away. In central Miches take the main road heading east, and then continue to the east and El Cedro along Highway 104. About 26 km (16.1 miles) from Miches, look for a sign on the left for the “Parque Nacional Laguna El Limón.” A short dirt road will lead you to the small park house and a parking area near the lagoon where you can hire a boat and guide.

Redonda and Limón (Map by Dana Gardner)

Redonda and Limón (Map by Dana Gardner)

Target Species

Blue- winged Teal, White- cheeked Pintail, Ruddy Duck, Pied- billed Grebe, Great Egret, Roseate Spoonbill, Sora, Caribbean Coot, Northern Jacana

Birding Areas

Most birding is on the lagoon. Viewing from the shore is essentially impossible due to the growth of tall vegetation and the lack of lookout towers. Reservations for trips on the lagoon are best made in advance. A boat that holds 10 comfortably, will cost $RD 4,000 ($US 119.00); contact Marcial in advance at 809-929-5350. Alternatively, you may find a boat at the park house for around $RD 700 that holds 3-4 passengers.

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