Beausejour/Grenville Vale

Located near the west coast of Grenada, this Important Bird Area is just inland from the north-south coastal road from Beausejour Bay. This bowl-shaped site is east and inland from the Perseverance Dove Sanctuary and is a mix of both secondary scrub woodland and moister mixed deciduous forest of both native and exotic species. The slopes to the west, north and east are forested. They valley bottom comprises some fruit trees, an agricultural plot and cattle grazing. Immediately to the south is a housing development.

This site is one of the few remaining significant areas of dry forest in Grenada and in urgent need of protection. It is primarily government-owned and not heavily used, however grazing in the center of the bowl and continual cutting has limited regeneration of Grenada Dove habitat. Given the vegetation corridor that exists between this site and the Perseverance Dove Sanctuary, the significance of this site to dove conservation increases and, with successful recovery, can potentially represent the only viable population of doves on the west coast.

Beausejour Bay

Beausejour Bay

Infrastructure is very limited at this site. There is a visitor center at nearby Perseverance, a 280-acre estate located inland from Halifax Harbor and approximately 5 miles north of St. Georges. The visitor center was damaged in Hurricane Ivan in 1994, was never repaired, and has suffered from vandalism ever since. Located near this visitor center is a trailhead, but both the trail and the visitor center are unsuitably placed near the island’s main garbage dump.

For that reason, opportunities for birdwatching and hiking are somewhat limited at this site for the time being. Currently, the Grenada Dove Conservation Project is developing a trail in the vegetation corridor between this site and nearby Perseverance to provide hiking opportunities and a chance at seeing or hearing the Grenada Dove. The trail will also have a section that leads to a beautiful overlook of the countryside, including a view of Grand Etang National Park in the distance. Stay tuned to this website for further news about this trail, as it is developed and becomes ready for visitors.


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