Levera National Park

Established in 1992, this 450-acre park holds an unbeaten reputation as Grenada’s most scenic and spectacular coastal area. Its picture-perfect beach is quite popular on weekends, and its pond is one of the most important wildlife habitats on the island. Unfortunately, the government made a failed attempt at developing a luxury resort here, and ownership of some of the land is currently in flux.

Sugar Loaf Island, Grenada, by Ted Lee Eubanks

Sugar Loaf Island (Photo by Ted Lee Eubanks)

Walking along the beautiful Levera Beach, one is afforded views of the three offshore islands of Sugar Loaf, Green and Sandy Islands. Levera also has an extensive mangrove swamp, with a roped walkway, a boardwalk, observation tower, and signs.

Boardwalk Tower

Boardwalk Tower


Levera National Park is located on the northern end of the island, well worth the approximately 2.5 – 3 hour drive from St. George’s. You can opt to take the coastal road along the south of the island and up the east coast to Levera, or you can cut across the island, making a worthwhile visit to Grand Etang Forest Reserve in the central portion of the island.

Levera Mangrove Wetland

Levera Mangrove Wetland

Birds of Levera

Levera National Park is a great place to get looks at seabirds flying off the coast, such as Brown Boobies and Magnificent Frigatebirds. There are also ponds and mangrove wetlands to explore, which will yield bird species such as Blue-winged Teal, Common Gallinule, Green Heron, Caribbean Coot and more.

Bird Observations at Levera

The following is a list of bird observations at Mt. Hartman National Park that have been reported in the past 30 days to the eBird program. If no observations appear in the box, it is because nothing has been submitted recently. Remember, eBird is powered by you, the birdwatcher!

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