Woburn Bay Marine Protected Area

East of Mt. Hartman National Park, in southwest Grenada, is the Woburn Bay Marine Protected Area (MPA). Over the past two years, the Grenada Fund for Conservation has been actively organizing and engaging community groups within and adjacent to this MPA to increase community engagement and stewardship in mangrove conservation actions.


Woburn Bay MPA Sign

At this location, and another in Calivigny, sustainably-built viewing platforms have been erected by local people to facilitate ongoing research, educational opportunities, and public awareness-raising. Such structures stand as tangible monuments of the significant efforts made by local communities to embrace and protect their vital coastal resources.

Not only that, but the platform offers a great place from which to observe the wetlands and the birds below.


Woburn is easily accessed via the highway that runs along the southern coast of Grenada. A sign and the observation tower will also help let you know that you arrived.

Woburn Platform

Woburn Platform

About the Birds

The wetland is an excellent place to find migratory birds stopping to rest and feed, like this White-rumped Sandpiper.

White-rumped sandpiper (Calidris fuscicollis), Grenada, by Ted Lee Eubanks

White-rumped Sandpiper (Photo by Ted Lee Eubanks)

Other species that can be seen at Woburn are Semipalmated Plover, Spotted Sandpiper, Stilt Sandpiper, Common Gallinule, Osprey, and many more.

Recent Bird Observations

The following is a list of bird observations at Woburn Bay Marine Protected Area that have been reported in the past 30 days to the eBird program. If no observations appear in the box, it is because nothing has been submitted recently. Remember, eBird is powered by you, the birdwatcher!

Click here to access all the observations that have been submitted for this site in the past.


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