Barbecue Bottom Road

The Barbecue Bottom Road is an excellent place to bird in eastern Cockpit Country. The road runs north-south, high along the side of a deep, fault-based valley in the east. The valley is flat with a gentle slope, which gave rise to the name “Barbecue Bottom” because, in Jamaica, a barbecue is a large flat, gently sloping area for drying coffee or pimento.

View of the valley from BBQ Bottom Road

View of the Valley from BBQ Bottom Road

The name of the road depends upon how you are approaching it. If you approach it from the north through the town of Kinloss and Campbell’s, the road is known as Barbecue Bottom. If you are coming from the south and the town of Albert Town, it is the Burnt Hill Road.

Burnt Hill Road

Burnt Hill Road

Burnt Hill was once a road built by the Canadians in the mid-1900’s that, due to the small amount of traffic that uses the road, is slowly finding its way back to nature. This makes it an ideal place to leisurely explore Cockpit Country and look for the 33 species of Jamaican endemics that the region supports, including the Vulnerable Black-billed Parrot and Ring-tailed. The endangered Jamaican Blackbird also occurs in isolated pickets of the humid forest.

Cockpit Country Adventures Tours does guided nature walks to Burnt Hill Road.

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