Rocher du Diamant

An Important Bird Area (IBA), the volcanic islet of Rocher du Diamant (Diamond Rock) is a beautiful cay especially important for breeding seabirds site off the southern coast of Martinique, near the town of Le Diamant. As a state-owned protected area, landing is prohibited on the island, so visitors can enjoy this site from the sea! The stunning cliffs rising to 176 meters host globally important populations of Bridled Terns and regionally significant populations of Brown Noddies. This is also the most important site for roosting Magnificent Frigatebirds in the country and Red-billed Tropicbirds are also known to nest on Rocher du Diamant.

Red-billed Tropicbird and chick on Rocher du Diamant (Photo by Julien Mailles)

Professional tour guides can explain to visitors the characteristics of the islet, along with history, fauna, and flora. Visitors can get good pictures of birds from the boats without disturbing this important site, especially of Red-billed Tropicbirds nesting at the bottom of the island.

Red-billed Tropicbird on Rocher du Diamant (Photo by Julien Mailles)


There are a variety of service providers that can bring visitors around Rocher du Diamant with a boat, many offering day trips from “La pointe du Bout” at the town of Trois Ilets, however it is also possible to take a boat from the town of Le Diamant. The tourism information point in Le Diamant can help provide phone numbers of professionals to bring you around Diamond Rock; one such reputable company is An Dlo Martinique – Excursions en Mer. Visitors should also consider snorkeling or scuba diving around the island.

Rocher du Diamant (Photo by Julien Mailles)

Additional Information

The last time the islet was inhabited was towards the end of the eighteenth century when the British installed artillery pieces, which was followed by battles between France and Great Britain in the nineteenth century.

Diamond Rock is also home to the critically endangered, Martinique endemic snake Erythrolamprus cursor, which is found only on this islet.

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