Little Bay Pond

Little Bay Pond is an eight-hectare site located in the south of Sint Maarten. Fringed with mangroves planted by the Nature Foundation of St. Maarten, Little Bay Pond is home to a variety of ducks and wading birds, including the Caribbean Coot, a species of concern.

The non-profit Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC) and the Nature Foundation partnered with Adventure of the Seas cruise ship to build a wildlife watching hut on the shore of this publicly owned property.

Little Bay

A development at Little Bay resulted in a road scar bordering the pond. The development was halted due to lack of funding, leaving a tragic legacy.


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SCSCB Conference | Wildlife of St. Martin

August 2, 2013at 6:18 pm

[…] The bird viewing hut at Little Bay Pond is actually featured as one of the sites already, but much work remains to be done to promote it so that tourists and residents are aware of it and use it: […]

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