Maison du Soleil

A breathtaking view comes with accommodation for naturalists, who prefer the serenity of this hillside retreat to the bustling beach resorts, yet wish to have all major attractions within quick and easy reach. We offer birdwatching on the property, surrounding Esperance Protected Landscape and Esperance Harbour Mangroves, as well as further afield. Amerindian petroglyphs and artifacts are a highlight of a historic walk at the nearby Dauphin Bay.

Petroglphys, by Ulrike Krauss.

Amerindian Petroglyphs (Photo by Ulrike Krauss)

The endemic St. Lucia Pewee (Contopu oberi) and the elusive Antillean Euphonia (Euphonia music flavifrons) are regular visitors in the trees next to the furnished studio veranda. All three species of hummingbirds found on St. Lucia as well as the Lesser Antillean bullfinch visit the veranda in search for nectar and food. The organically managed garden is a plentiful source of fruit and insects that attract many more birds, lizards and frogs. A cacophony of chirps and quacks is the orchestral sound you hear at night. With a bit of luck, we humans are able to harvest some of the delicious produce too!

Maison du Soleil is tucked high into the hillsides of La Borne, overlooking the northern tip of Saint Lucia. From your veranda, you look over Pigeon Island National Monument as well as Rodney Bay with its beaches and marina. On clear days, you can see as far as the neighbouring island of Martinique. A short trail through the garden beads to another viewpoint above the main house.

The view from Maison du Soleil by Ulrike Krauss

View from Maison du Soleil (Photo by Ulrike Krauss)

The self-catering studio comfortably accommodates two adults (double bed); an airbed for up to two children can be provided. You enjoy the tranquility of the mountains; yet, within a 15-minute-drive, most sites and attractions of northern St. Lucia are at your fingertips, with the knowledge that you can withdraw to your retreat just as quickly at any time. The local bus stops directly in front of the property, but if you plan to visit more remote areas, we can assist with arranging rental of a small 4×4 vehicle from a local partner who has no booth at the airport but offers economic rates.

You stay in a private apartment in the same building as your local hosts, who are knowledgeable and seasoned travelers. We speak English, Kwéyòl, German, Spanish, and (some) French. You will have access to a small private library that specializes on natural resources and history in the Caribbean If you are looking for an authentic St. Lucian experience, the perfect excursion base and wish to have a low environmental footprint, then this is the place you want to be!

Let André and Ulrike know what your individual interests are and they will put you in touch with competent guides and our trusted local partners.

For additional information, photos, calendar of availability, seasonal prices (from $US55 per night), and secure on-line booking, click here. Or E-Mail:

André is a bird watcher and agroecologist. He is not only great at spotting the birds and other wildlife, he can also knows the local flora and can explain the production and use of crops, including medicinal plants. He is qualified as inspector of organic agriculture and an excellent cook.

Ulrike is a biologist and actively involved in several conservation programmes on Saint Lucia and throughout the Caribbean. For example, Ulrike led the development of a Voluntary Code of Conduct for the Tourism Sector with Species Reference to Invasive Alien Species (IAS), a major threat for indigenous birds, other wildlife and plants.

The property Maison du Soleil is managed accordingly. Rainwater is harvested and solar-heated; potable water is prepared on site. The garden is cultivated according to guidelines of organic agriculture. They prepare their own compost and participate in an incipient national recycling programme.

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