Pic Paradis

The tropical dry forest of Pic Paradis is a habitat not found elsewhere on St. Maarten/St. Martin and includes a year-round creek which attracts wildlife. The abundance and diversity of neotropical birds at this site is the highest for this and surrounding islands.

The site can be accessed by driving to the top of Pic Paradis where public access allows you to hike down along the creek or from below a the private nature reserve of Loterie Farm, which has many amenities including a restaurant, pool, and ropes course. Guided tours are available and the trail is maintained by reserve staff. The trees provide shade and relief from the heat with occasional lookouts to enjoy the view of the ocean and surrounding valley.  A great variety of neotropical migrants can be seen here along with 8 restricted range species. Birding is especially good in the afternoon when the birds come down to the creek to drink.

Getting There
There is only one main road around the island. Just north of Marigot, turn at the sign for Loterie Farm and follow the road up the hill. You can either turn at Loterie Farm or continue up to the peak. Loterie Farm charges an entrance fee, check their website for more info: http://loteriefarm.com/.


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